About Us

Since 1997, Rocky Mountain Industrial Services,(RMIS) has offered full-service, safety-driven chemical cleaning solutions to our clients by providing personal attention and innovative results.

We specialize in chemical cleaning, consulting and engineering services to customers in the power generation, cogeneration, mining, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2016, RMIS was acquired by Envirosystems Incorporated, allowing us to offer additional industrial service lines, including high-pressure water blasting, hydro excavation, and vacuum services.

Our dedication to providing only the best services to our clients extends to our equipment; our fleet of pumps, heat exchangers, piping and mechanical applications allow RMIS to meet or exceed any job requirement while maintaining the highest standards of safety and capability – all while preserving respectful integration with each client’s equipment and facilities.

We built our reputation as skilled problem solvers with attention to details often overlooked by our competitors. Our personnel share almost a half-century of involvement with the chemical cleaning industry; this specialized experience underscores RMIS’ unique capability to provide a full range of services and complete solutions for our clients’ needs.


RMIS strives to be the best, safest and most technologically advanced chemical cleaning service provider in North America. Our philosophy is simple:

• Provide high-quality, safe chemical cleaning
• Employ highly certified personnel
• Use the best equipment available
• Ensure work is performed to the highest level of quality
• Offer the highest level of service
• Generate and earn high levels of repeat business